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I don’t have any idea how much power-load usage in my home, company, or industry. How do i get a quote?

A: If you aren’t sure of the exact power load usage, it’s not a problem. Just call us, we will send our engineer for FREE consultation and we’ll provide you with an accurate count of power-load and give quote to you at the same time.

Do you have solution for small home or office, and how it is right for us?

A: We cater specifically to small businesses. So, whether you have 5 computer or 100 systems and multiple servers or any kind of power devices in any locations, True Powers can provides you different products for your company for helping you from load-shedding, backup power, LED lights and DC Rechargeable Fans for reducing your electric-bill, Solar system for lifetime easy electric/power generator and etc. call us! True Powers Consulting can help.

Are your products local? Are they certified?

All of True Powers products are certified.

Why solar power?

A: By offering technologies that harness the power of the earth and sun, we can provide energy security and reductions in clients’ utility costs. Whether you’re on the grid or off the grid, we can tailor a system to meet your needs. Our answer to helping you reduce your carbon emissions, increase your cost savings and become more energy efficient includes our selection of exclusive products.

"Total Solution Provider" in the field of IT & Power Technology”.


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